2023/09/17 12:25

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・This product can be machine washed, but recommend hand washing for the 

first wash.If you wash it by hand every time, it will last a long time.

・When washing in a washing machine, please put it in a laundry net.

   This will avoid tangling or loosening with other laundry.

・Please do not use a laundry dryer.

・Wash separately from white goods to avoid color migration.

・Do not use bleach or detergents containing fluorescent brightening agents.

 It may cause color migration.

・Do not pull or apply force. It may tear if you pull strongly on the neck part.

【PRINCIPLE OF &ethical】

&ethical strives to create products that are friendly to both the earth and people by not using chemicals unnecessarily and eliminating wasteful processes. Therefore, we do not mercerize . If you are worried about wrinkles after washing, we recommend ironing.